INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS is the Coen Brothers most heartfelt serenade


“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: Music and Cats” – Albert Schweitzer Continue reading


TRANCE twists the truth with a bend of perspective

Danny Boyle’s 2013 overlooked indie is a hypnotic thriller that will keeping you guessing until the very end. Continue reading

Ten Movies That Shouldn’t Be TV Shows



A humorous examination of the benefits and disadvantages of cinema and serialized storytelling. I’ve chosen ten films and explain why they would not work as television shows, and then play devils advocate and offer suggests on how they could work.

Short Lived Shows You Should See


wonderfallsThe wall between cinema and television is blurring and some TV showrunners are bringing more to their medium than merely a premise, they are bringing a point of view. This article highlights the authorship of screenwriter Bryan Fuller and endorses his short-lived series “Wonderfalls”. Continue reading