About Kyle

All my life I have been fascinated with storytelling. Cinema has enthralled me since I first sat in a theater and novels have fueled my dreams since I first opened a book. My imagination is sparked by stories (films, television, books, comics, and games) and my creativity is channeled through pencil, pen, and pixel.

My brain is an encyclopedia for cinema and my propensity for quoting lines inspired my friends to nickname me “KMDb” (The Kyle Movie Database).

As a writer and wordsmith, residing in the wonderfully weird capital of Austin, Texas I have a natural proficiency at transcribing my volubility onto the page with computer and keyboard.  Since I like to tell stories, even as I discuss them, my style has been described as entertaining essays that take the reader on a fun journey.

My education is extensive and includes a BA from the University of Illinois (Magna cum laude), English and Filmmaking studies from the University of Wisconsin and an Associates degree in Interactive Writing and Art from the Game Design Institute of Austin.

I enjoy collaborating with passionate and creative people, learning and developing new skills, and exceeding expectations in order to elevate the quality of a project.

I hope you enjoy discovering my work.  I’m sure you’ll come to realize that I am passionate about the art of cinema, the craft of writing, double spacing after periods, and making people laugh.

Thanks for stopping by.

– Kyle

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