About Kyle

Howdy.  My name is Kyle and I am a talkative movie geek from Austin, Texas who is fascinated with the art of storytelling.  I have been obsessed with movies since I was a lad and have either delighted or annoyed nearly everyone I’ve encountered with my enthusiasm for motion pictures. My brain is an encyclopedia for cinema and my propensity for quoting lines inspired my friends to nickname me “KMDb” (The Kyle Movie Database).

As a writer and word-slinger, I decided to document my thoughts about film by publishing editorials on a wide range of movies.  Having a natural proficiency at transcribing my volubility onto the page with computer and keyboard I recently offered my talents to two, local, Austin media websites: MovieReelizations and (a television podcast) The TV Dudes.  With Movierealizations I contributed editorialized film critiques and the previous year I wrote humorous and insightful articles for The TV Dudes.

Since I like to tell stories, even as I discuss them, my style has been described as entertaining essays that invite the read to “take a journey.”

I have been working as a contract writer for the indie video game for over three years and have been writing freelance for film and television since 2013.  My online portfolio features (not only) essays, critiques, articles, reviews and scribblings on the subject of cinema but also pieces on television and a soon-to-be-published interactive narrative for Choice of Games.

I hope you enjoy discovering my work.  I’m sure you’ll come to realize that I am passionate about the art of cinema, the craft of writing, double spacing after periods and making people laugh.

Allow me to close with by thanking anyone who clicks upon my links and reads any sentence I have written.  Thank you for your attention and I hope you find something within that you like.

– Kyle



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